About Us

A family company, Staley Ventures has numerous businesses across the state of Indiana. Founded by Chris Staley in his home city of Evansville, all portfolio businesses are designed to better the surrounding community.

Recycling – We care about the environment and believe that materials can be salvaged after first use. We buy and sell scrap cardboard, Gaylord boxes, plastics, wooden pallets, and plastic crates.

Warehouse Services – We’ll take care of your needs, one square-foot at a time. Let us do the hard work for you.

Restaurants – Life is meant to be enjoyed. We strive to build family-friendly restaurants where you can get away and enjoy yourself. Our award-winning facilities are meant to serve as a place where community is treated like family.

Housing – Everyone needs a place to call home, and we look to provide. We offer affordable housing solutions, from individuals to full families.


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